Whether you’re snugly pinned between the pasty white walls of your newly repainted office building, or compiling spreadsheets from the comfort of your Ikea daybed, having to travel for work at some point in your career is inevitable.

If you’ve found your way to this particular article, you’re likely to be the latter – more of an entrepreneur, self-starter and visionary, who’s reluctantly moved from the couch to a more suitable workspace. And whether it be a small or larger scaled business, you’re destined to personally be responsible for making those travel arrangements for either yourself, or your employees – as daunting a task it may be! While you’re crunching numbers and saving for your company Cesna, you’re prone to looking at ways of how to save those dollars – especially when it comes to unexpected traveling expenses.

By unexpected, I mean that moment you receive word of a potential customer, client or buyer out of a rural town, which you just Googled and realized actually exists. Air travel is not an option, and your condo building charges more for an annual parking space than you care to admit you spent “working” at Gloria Jean’s this past fiscal year. Your vintage floral coated VW Beetle is parked at your parent’s in Cooladdi, and your meeting is in less than 24 hours. One option, two words – rental car.

Why car hire and not ride share or car service?

Although car hire is widely used by larger corporates – most with partnerships and memberships at selected rental companies – new and small business owners often overlook the benefits of car hire, compared to personal/company car use. Whether local, national or international, hiring a car for business purposes can arguably be more economical than hiring a service – which is why the market is in such high demand and growing at a rapid rate. Not only is it widely reliable and conveniently accessible for travellers and customers, multiple vehicle varieties and insurance options provide comfort and peace of mind.

What are the Options and benefits?

Most, however, are overwhelmed before finding that peace of mind. Like every other industry, options, rewards and benefits flood the car rental market, making it an overwhelming decision for some to make – especially when making last minute arrangements. Your frantic research advises to plan and book in advance in order to avoid being paired with a “comfort ride” sedan which driver’s seat no longer reclines. There are sites such as Car Rental Buddy, which help you search, compare and find the most relevant fit to your vehicle needs. It’s not always about finding the cheapest option, but finding a car most fitted to your preferences, needs and also your itinerary.

Are there hidden costs and factors?

Some of those preferences come at a price. Firstly, worth taking note of for any scenario and itinerary, is that most rental companies do not allow off-road/dirt road driving with their vehicles – bashing your midsummer night dream of an impromptu joyride. Other optional extras, which you would not necessarily expect to pay for when simply hiring a car, could lead to additional charges. Things we take for granted on a daily basis such as satellite radio and navigation, could add to that final bill at rental return. Opt to use your smartphone or handheld device as an alternative, and although exploring your new temporary surroundings may be tempting, experiencing the rustic outback charm would be best with your Herbie.

The advantage of chosen comfort, mixed with affordability and online assistance, makes renting a car on a startup budget, an option worth exploring.

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